KUHN FU is a post romantic jazz/rock disorder.

A hairy fish with legs that can climb a tree.


Christian Achim Kühn

is the founder of this ensemble. Is he the fish or the legs? Or simply the disorder? Time will surely show. He is 35 years old, a decent and loud guitarist-composer and aficionado of orchestral music. Humorous but easily stressed, blond with fading hair and a german passport which makes touring easy ( for him ). A typical 80s german ‚ you can do what you want in life‘ story. For some time he chose nothing, then he founded KUHN FU.
What a winner!

Ziv Taubenfeld

is definitely hairy. Very much so! Also he is wise despite only being 30 and plays the bass clarinet. Some people are born wise or hairy. He is both but he loses his wisdom when there is a lack of food. Our touring seems to be a constant search for food with some occasional musical entertainment in between. His passport is Israeli which makes touring easy, strange or impossible depending where one chooses to tour.

Esat Ekincioglu

is the self proclaimed manager of the band. He is Turkish and Turks are great managers. He lost a little bit of hair playing the bass over the last years and his weight has been an on and off love story. One can think he is 26 or older. He also owns a big blue car called Günter which he likes to drive fast. We discovered in Brussels that he can see traffic lights in different colours, not only red or green but blue! Blue is a red light which one is allowed to cross because he doesn’t know where he is.

Lav Kovac

used to be the lazy baby of the band. But he reinvented himself during touring as an unrealistic Serbian drummer with not so much ambition. He is still the youngest being only 25 and started working on websites lately. Now we have a website! He plays great drums and is a friendly fella coming from a country that is the last stance against global ambition except some famous tennis player coming from there.

That’s the band and all you need to know.


We left out the important awards ( 0 ) and countries we have toured ( Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and Israel )


If you like the music please contact us for a gig or simply show us your love by sharing it with your friends.


With Kosher Love, Turkish kisses, Serbian dreaming and a German hug we greet you






After two years of heavy touring we are proud to announce out latest oeuvre Kuhnspiracy to be released on UNIT Records.

We’ve been on the road in 7 countries for the last two years, played over 100 concerts, drank lots of shitty coffee and drove thousands of kilo meters in a blue Ford Transit called Günther.

Then we decided it’s time record a record and we went all analog at the famous Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg, mixing in Berlin, mastering in Amsterdam and let an Viennese illustrator draw a dark cover that resembles all the characters which appear in the music.Because after all, Vienna is the city of the romantic and where they invented the depression.

It’s a record about failure, death and humanity. A sarcastic view on life but with a glimpse of optimism, not taking itself too seriously.

The influence classical music had on this record is undeniable and maybe that makes it even more so outdated. The compositions are all written by Christian Achim Kühn, but only on stage through many concerts they could be shaped as they appear on the record. The focus is not on improvisation but on telling a story as an ensemble with dynamic extremes.
Everything has been done with great care for detail and most likely we won’t get back all the money we put in it. But it’s a record that’s totally KUHN FU and stylistically hard to define, a subjective eclectic view on music and life.


All compositions by Christian Achim Kühn,
except Such Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington

Recorded live at Studio Bee, Istanbul April 13th 2015
Sound Engineer Baran Göksu & Umut Çetin
Mixed by Baran Göksu
Mastered by Leo Grimaudo
Artwork by Daniel Menzel & Igorizo
released June 28, 2015



No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

07 Mar 2017 JazzLab JazzLab
06 Feb 2017 Bremen, GER
04 Feb 2017 Groningen, NL Il Sole In Cantina Il Sole In Cantina


Tour ended! 13 gigs, 4 countries! Happy, deaf, tired, (not really) rich, happier! See you next tour! Many thanks to all our friends and fans! #kuhnfu #kuhnforever #ontour #netherlands #germany #belgium #czechrepublic ... See MoreSee Less

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Great stage, great sound! Gonna be rocking #jena tonight! Cafe Wagner at 20.15! #jenanightlife #livemusic #thüringen #jazzmeile #festival ... See MoreSee Less

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Tonight is our last gig of the tour, number 13 in Jazzmeile at Cafe Wagner #jena ! Here's a #snippet from Artistania #berlin Last night, is the night! #ontour #musicianslife #kuhnfu #kuhnforever ... See MoreSee Less

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Great night yesterday at White Cube Hamburg. A special thanks to Joern Möller for having us and most importantly his red circus curtain.
Tonight at Artistania Neukölln, Berlin. Concert 21h
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"Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny" (Frank Zappa) Dank an die Jungs von KUHN FU für einen grandiosen Abend!

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2000 Likes!! 2000th is one of the great girls here in the picture. 48,000 to go for fame and glory! ... See MoreSee Less

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STUPID DANCE CONTEST. NUDITY. CHAOS. A night of KUHN FU. Many thanks to @jazzgoestotown and the great people of #hradeckralové ! #ontour #kuhnforever #kuhnfu Tonight again in #dresden Jazzclub Tonne. ... See MoreSee Less

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We are rocking this stage tonight at #jazzgoestotown #festival #hradeckralové #ontour ... See MoreSee Less

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Lunchtime over Czech plains. #hradeckralové here we come! Tonight live at #jazzgoestotown #festival #ontour #kuhnfu #kuhnforever #musicianslife ... See MoreSee Less

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