“Big Baba Bass” Esat Ekincioglu (1990) picked up the bass guitar at the age 12 to play Blink-182 in order to impress a girl who wanted to play drums. He couldn’t manage to accomplish either.


Esat spent the following years playing in all sorts of bands from musicals to heavy metal to Turkish pop. However, he has never played in any latin bands; nor is he ever planning to.


Since making his first bucks playing the bass on a wavy booze cruise on the Bosphorus, he decided to become a full-time musician. While actively playing in the Istanbul bar scene in his late teens, he tried to save his future by getting a valid university degree, which didn’t work out. Inspired by The Roots somewhere in that period, he picked up the double bass. You read it right, The Roots; not some jazz-dude.


Burning all the bridges, Esat moved to the Netherlands in 2011 to study jazz at the Prince Claus Conservatorium in Groningen; where he [barely] mastered the instrument and learned to enjoy jazz, improvisation and booking. He won the “North European Jazz Talent Contest” as a soloist in 2014 and spent 1/4 of his earnings right there and then by buying the entire venue drinks. The senselessly-big trophy he was awarded broke in half the same night, due to a bike accident at 6am.


The Netherlands has been kind to Esat [so far]. His concert agenda was (and still is) pretty full throughout his studies. He even had a brief period where he lost weight and felt sexy. He graduated cum laude in 2015 and continued on to the Masters program the following year. As a certified Master of Music *haha* he has vowed to never to study in an institution ever again.


Esat has toured and played in Turkey (duh), Greece, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, USA, Denmark, Israel, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and even CHINA . He cannot prove it; but he has, for sure, played more than 1000 concerts in his career. Maybe even 2000.


At the fragile age of 28, Esat is still residing in Groningen. He loves cooking, is allergic to cats and rabbits, and owns a big blue van named Günther.




Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarinet
Christian Kuehn – el. guitar
Esat Ekincioglu – double bass
George Hadow – drums

AVA Trio


“AVA Trio is doing something musically, that no one else is up to. The Netherlands based group has done a masterful job of blending regional influences as well as balancing ethnic inspirations with free improvisation, thus genuinely creating Music From An Imaginary Land as both a concept and a musical experience.” 4.5/5 stars All About Jazz.com

Giuseppe Doronzo – baritone saxophone
Esat Ekincioglu – double bass
Pino Basile – percussions

Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo

Tomchess – oud/ney/mouthharp
Esat Ekincioglu – double bass



No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

15 Jun 2019 Lennart Smidt Trio Hannover, DE
14 Jun 2019 Lennart Smidt Trio Hannover, DE
13 Jun 2019 Lennart Smidt Trio Hannover, DE
18 May 2019 KUHN FU hamburg, DE white cube bergedorf white cube bergedorf
17 May 2019 KUHN FU Lübeck, DE CVJM CVJM
16 May 2019 KUHN FU Rutenberg, DE Rehof Rehof
11 May 2019 No Matter What Groningen, NL Atelier il sole in Cantina Atelier il sole in Cantina
10 May 2019 KUHN FU Bremen, DE Tor 9 Tor 9
09 May 2019 KUHN FU Stuttgart, DE BIX BIX
26 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Bad Horn Meier, DE Red Horn District Red Horn District
25 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Amsterdam, NL Bimhuis Bimhuis
13 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Ladenburg, DE Leicht & Seilig Leicht & Seilig
10 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Karlsruhe, DE KOHI KOHI
09 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Viechtach, DE Altes Spital Altes Spital
07 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Bistrica ob Sotli, SI Klub Metulj Klub Metulj
06 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Cerkno, SI Jazz Cerkno Jazz Cerkno
05 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Budapest, HU Opus Jazz Club Opus Jazz Club
04 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Pardubice, CZ Divadlo 29 Divadlo 29
03 Apr 2019 KUHN FU Berlin, DE Quasimodo Quasimodo
01 Feb 2019 KUHN FU Ulm, DE Kunstwerk Kunstwerk
22 Jan 2019 AVA Trio Zutphen, NL Luxor Luxor
21 Jan 2019 AVA Trio Valkenswaard, NL Kunstkeuken Kunstkeuken
19 Jan 2019 AVA Trio Amsterdam, NL Trytone 20th Anniversary Festival Trytone 20th Anniversary Festival
18 Jan 2019 AVA Trio Fredericia, DK Tøjhuset Tøjhuset
12 Jan 2019 AVA Trio Bredevoort, NL Koppelkerk Koppelkerk
10 Jan 2019 AVA Trio Luxembourg City, LUX Liquid Bar Liquid Bar
09 Dec 2018 KUHN FU Aachen, DE Musikbunker Musikbunker
08 Dec 2018 KUHN FU Basel, CH Reneé Reneé
07 Dec 2018 KUHN FU Bergamo, IT Inascolto Sessions Inascolto Sessions
06 Dec 2018 KUHN FU Padova, IT Padova Jazz Club Padova Jazz Club
11 Nov 2018 KUHN FU Groningen, NL Rockit Festival Rockit Festival
21 Oct 2018 AVA Trio Beijing, CN Dust Dawn Club Dust Dawn Club
20 Oct 2018 AVA Trio Beijing, CN Minsheng Art Museum Minsheng Art Museum
19 Oct 2018 AVA Trio Xi'an, CN Meeting Jazz Club Meeting Jazz Club
14 Oct 2018 AVA Trio Hangzhou, CN Xihu Blooms Music Festival Xihu Blooms Music Festival
12 Oct 2018 AVA Trio Changsha, CN Blue Valley Jazz Club Blue Valley Jazz Club
10 Oct 2018 AVA Trio Zhuhai, CN Golden Jazz Club Golden Jazz Club
09 Oct 2018 AVA Trio Shenzhen, CN OCT-LOFT JAzz Festival OCT-LOFT JAzz Festival
07 Oct 2018 AVA Trio Guangzhou, CN Being Wild Being Wild
08 Sep 2018 Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo Hunsel, NL JazzBlazzt at OZO Land Festival JazzBlazzt at OZO Land Festival
06 Sep 2018 Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo Sarreguemines, FR Brasserie Terminus Brasserie Terminus
05 Sep 2018 Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo Berlin, DE TBA TBA
03 Sep 2018 Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo Istanbul, TR TBA TBA
02 Sep 2018 Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo Istanbul, TR Kirim Kilisesi Kirim Kilisesi
01 Sep 2018 Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo Izmir, TR Yüksek Oda Yüksek Oda
31 Aug 2018 Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo Izmir, TR 6x6x6 Izmir 6x6x6 Izmir
26 Aug 2018 KUHN FU Saalfelden, AT Saalfelden Jazz Festival Saalfelden Jazz Festival
25 Aug 2018 Tomchess/Ekincioglu Duo GRONINGEN, NL Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour Festival Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour Festival
29 Jul 2018 KUHN FU Shtip, FYR Only Fools and Horses Only Fools and Horses
28 Jul 2018 KUHN FU Golyam Perelik, BG Perelik Jazz Festival Perelik Jazz Festival
27 Jul 2018 KUHN FU Kruševac, SRB AKC Gnezdo AKC Gnezdo
26 Jul 2018 KUHN FU Zelenkovac, BA Zelenkovac Jazz Festival Zelenkovac Jazz Festival
23 Jul 2018 KUHN FU Čačak, SER Karusel Festival Karusel Festival
22 Jul 2018 KUHN FU Belgrade, SRB Kosmodrom Kosmodrom
21 Jul 2018 KUHN FU Novi Sad, SER TBA TBA
19 Jul 2018 KUHN FU Ljubljana, SI Prulček Prulček
08 Jul 2018 AVA Trio Rotterdam, NL North Sea Roundtown Festival North Sea Roundtown Festival
28 Jun 2018 AVA Trio Rotterdam, NL injazz festival injazz festival
21 Jun 2018 Farbenfroh Groningen, NL Literair Cafe Literair Cafe
16 Jun 2018 Cyril Bernhard Trio Groningen, NL Atelier Il Sole in Cantina Atelier Il Sole in Cantina
11 Jun 2018 Solo Concert Amsterdam, NL Huis de Pinto Huis de Pinto
10 Jun 2018 Cyril Bernhard Trio Toulouse, FR Le Dynamo Le Dynamo
09 Jun 2018 Cyril Bernhard Trio Toulouse, FR L'astronef L'astronef
08 Jun 2018 Cyril Bernhard Trio Toulouse, FR Moun's Bar Moun's Bar
31 May 2018 AVA Trio amsterdam, NL Mezrab Mezrab
29 May 2018 AVA Trio Helmond, NL Cacaofabriek Cacaofabriek
28 May 2018 AVA Trio Rotterdam, NL Matrix Matrix
27 May 2018 AVA Trio Brugge, BE Parazzar Parazzar
26 May 2018 AVA Trio Wuppertal, DE LOCH LOCH
24 May 2018 KUHN FU dordrecht, NL DOOR DOOR
23 May 2018 KUHN FU Brussels, BE La Machine La Machine
22 May 2018 KUHN FU Gent, BE De Centrale De Centrale
21 May 2018 KUHN FU Ainay-le-Chateau, FR Bistrot Culture Bistrot Culture
20 May 2018 KUHN FU grenollers, es DRÀSTIK PUNKAIRES @ 12h DRÀSTIK PUNKAIRES @ 12h
20 May 2018 KUHN FU toulouse, fr le taquin w/ CERR le taquin w/ CERR
19 May 2018 KUHN FU zaragoza, es arrebato @ 22 arrebato @ 22
17 May 2018 KUHN FU sevilla, es Sala hollander Sala hollander
16 May 2018 KUHN FU Granada, ES Discos Bora Bora Lunch Gig 13H Discos Bora Bora Lunch Gig 13H
13 May 2018 KUHN FU - Album Recording Granada, ES Gismo Studio Gismo Studio
12 May 2018 KUHN FU Don Benito, ES The Rincón Pío Radio Rag Party The Rincón Pío Radio Rag Party
11 May 2018 KUHN FU Pontevedra, ES Liceo Mutante Liceo Mutante
10 May 2018 KUHN FU oviedo, es lata de zinc lata de zinc
08 May 2018 KUHN FU Paris, FR Le Petit Balcon Le Petit Balcon
05 May 2018 KUHN FU Rotterdam, NL Dizzy's Dizzy's
03 May 2018 KUHN FU amsterdam, NL De Ruimte De Ruimte
22 Apr 2018 AVA Trio Basel, CH Renee Renee
20 Apr 2018 AVA Trio Le Chaux de Fonds, CH L'entre-deux L'entre-deux
19 Apr 2018 AVA Trio Luzern, CH Meyer am Bundesplatz Meyer am Bundesplatz
18 Apr 2018 AVA Trio Marostica, IT Panic Jazz Club Panic Jazz Club
16 Apr 2018 AVA Trio - Album Recording Udine, IT Arte Suono Studios Arte Suono Studios
15 Apr 2018 AVA Trio Venice, IT Paradiso Perduto Paradiso Perduto
13 Apr 2018 AVA Trio Biella, IT TBA TBA
12 Apr 2018 AVA Trio Torino, IT TBA TBA
01 Apr 2018 SALAMURA Groningen, NL RKZ Kapel RKZ Kapel
23 Mar 2018 EVA Beetsterzwaag, NL De Buorskip De Buorskip